harimaron123 (donny9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shipping Payment for Pickups + Confirmed April MPCs

Hey guys, look what has arrived
Round head plushies and November MPCs. They're lovely especially the dwebble round head (EPIC DERP).
More importantly, I need payments for shipping :)

Payment Info:
enshogirl: $6.56
mdk8400 : $5.72
combustion__: $3.91 (SAL)
lady_miriya: $6.56
shortcakemiddy: $5.20
papaiyacoffee: $5.41
amandajo567: $4.79
slothyshroom: $5.41
pakajunatufty: $5.41

Send all payments to minun_pro@hotmail.com and add in the memo what you bought and your user

NOTE: This is the cost for airmail shipping + materials, if you would like Surface airmail which is cheaper (BUT it takes 4-6 weeks to arrive), please comment here. All prices do not include tracking, similarly if you would like it comment here.

What I'm keeping:

My lovelies XD

Lastly, i browsed the banpresto magazines and the April MPC set has been confirmed too with the magazine pictures:

Enjoy XD I'll be completing my ice cream collection hehe. Pre-orders for these will only be open in March (2 months before arrival in May)

Also, all items bought within the last 2 weeks have been shipped off (Sorry for those who bought on the 10th and 11th of December)

Sales Plug: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html

Tags: banpresto, payments
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