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Look What I Won Over The Weekend! ^___^


The Groudon is my creme de la creme~!!! <333 He'll be the master of all my plushies. I am SOOO thrilled to have won him! He's a whopping 16" tall! The next two plushies were in the same auction. Yes, yes... I couldn't resist the Blaziken WITH his antenna. ^^;;; I'm hoping he's in good condition. Then there's the huge Magmar plush. He looks so huggable! :3

Couldn't help showing off my winnings on ebay! ^____^ This is all gonna cost me less than $40 total! It's amazing how much the seller was selling them for. Apparently, ravestars85 and I were bidding against each other for the 16" Kyogre and Groudon plush. XD I guess we both got something we wanted in the end. :3 I mainly wanted the Kyogre plush for my sis.

Question: Would ANYONE be willing to buy my other Blaziken plush? He'll be $10
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