mewtwo32 (mewtwo32) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Questions

I hate to post again so quickly...

But I was wondering how often do the Giant Pokemon Center Lapras plush show up for sale?

I'm pretty upset since I lost an auction for one.  I just feel like ranting since I'm upset ha!
I just was in a bid war with a Japanese for one and it ended up going for 138,000 yen which is around $1800 USD I think... I bid 137,000 I just couldn't afford anymore :/. I originally had my limit at 80000 but the person kept bidding it up higher.

And how often do the charizards show up? Or are they both pretty scarce :(?

Sorry if this isn't allowed.. If it is please let me know ASAP. I might be heading back to bed really soon.

I do have a collection update for the new year :) So look forward to that.

Tags: charizard, lapras, plush
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