DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

An Entei of a Package New Get with Photostory! :D YAY!


Blu and Grumps were minding their own business when some mysterious thing flew down on the bed!

"What is this thing," Blu said.
"I don't know," replied Grumps, "let's go check it out!"
As they walked towards it...

WHOOOSH!!! It came flying out before they could get to its opening!
"Whoa!," Blu screamed, "I don't think it's anything ordinary."
"Wha...what if it tries to eat us," trembled Grumps, "also, where did it go!?"
As they continued to look around they finally found it. Off in the distance covered in the shadows.

"Hey you!," Blu screamed, "come over here and introduce yourself!"
"SHHHHH!," hushed Grumps, "What if he wants to eat us!"
"Oh don't be ridiculous you big scardy cat!," retorted Blu.
The mysterious thing walked up to Blu as she stared in awe at his magnificence.

"My name is Maliki, Maliki the Paki Paki Entei," he said as he gave Blu a gracious bow.
"I'm Blu," Blu said with a smile, "and that shaky maraca is Grumps."

"I'm not a maraca!," Grumps retorted as he came out of hiding, "and I wasn't scared!"
"Yea...right...," said Blu sarcastically, "anyway, this is your new home! I hope you like it here."
"Yes, I think I will," replied Maliki, "I think I will like it very much!"

And with that here is my brand new Paki Paki Entei! He is a beauty! :D Thank you so much technicolorcage! This was probably the best BIN decision I ever made!!!

Blu's not going to like it...but I think Maliki is my new favorite Entei! :D
Tags: collection, entei, plush
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