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pixel pixie's parlour

postage update and a couple of pokekids for sale =)

Firstly to eeveelution  and robocoon , your cards are now in the post, I don't know how long airmail takes but they should be with you soon I hope ^^
And to bonjovis , yours will be on their way to you too as soon as the e-cheque clears, don't worry ^^

Well I still have a lot of cards left in this post if anyone's interested and I also just got my very first packs of Pokekids! =D There was a couple that I didn't really want though so they're up for grabs if anyone wants to buy/trade for them =)

(I apologise for the bad photo, my photography skills suck XD)
Palkia - $4/£2
Rampardos - $3/£1.50

I am willing to haggle though of course and I like trades =)

Postage would depend on where they're going, so if anyone's interested, let me know and I'll check the price to posting them to wherever they need to go ^^

Ooh and to warandromance , thankyou so much for holding those two plushies (charmander and piplup ^^) for me, I should hopefully have the money for them tomorrow, yay!  =D
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