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Plushie existence question, christmas meme and shop update(massive discounts!)

Hello everyone, first of all, an early merry christmas to you, I hope you'll have lovely holidays :D

Today I rediscovered my love for an old favorite of mine:

Surskit! So I wanted to ask, is there any plushie of this blushing little fella?:O If so, please tell me<3 

As for the christmas meme, if you could dress any Pokemon with a christmas themed outfit, who would it be and what would you dress it as? :3 For my part, I'd love to see Teddiursa and Buneary dressed as gingerbread men/women XD That would be soooo cute x3

And last but not least:

(click the picture or here :3)

Please visit my shop!<3 There's Pokedolls, Pokecen Plushies and more stuff inside, all with special christmas discounts, only for you people~<3 Just see it as my personal christmas gift to you.^^

Tags: plush, pokecen, pokedolls, sales
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