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De-Lurking post and a Question!

Hello all~ I'm Kiwi and I've been lurking here for a little over a year now o~o; I have no idea why I've waited so long to introduce myself...

I have been a fan of Pokemon (literally) for as long as I can remember! I am a huge electric type enthusiast, Raikou, Rotom, and Jolteon being my favorite sparky'mons~ I also have an a affinity for DRILBUR. Little moley guy with a big nose and derpy eyes and buuuuu <3

ANYWAY~ as far as collecting goes, I'm a tad obessive xD You see, If a Pokemon I want to collect has a line, or group/trio/pair, or different forms, or- you know what I mean right? If its part of a type of group I need to collect ALL of that group. For example, I can't just buy a Raikou kid, I need the other two legendary beasts kids that were made with him as well!

So that's my mission. Have every Raikou, then the corresponding Suicune and Entei to match him. Really, I think my collection is pretty impressive- although incomplete o~o; eek. I also collect Zekrom and Reshiram :3 I love how they are Yin and Yang (THEY WERE MADE TO BE A PAIR <3)

Aside from my main collections, I like to have the monster collection figures of my favorite Pokes & gijinka characters and maybe a plush or too~ :3 and cards... I really like those~

I don't have pics as of yet, I plan to do some photographing over the break~ So I'll make a collection post soon!

QUESTION TIME: What do you guys use to clean your figures? A mild soap solution? Cleaner?

What about repainting? Acrylic paint? Model paint? Something else?

I just (about ten minutes before typing this xD) got a charming little Raikou kid from Ebay, but he looks like he was stored too close to his other kid buddies and has blue paint scuffs all over him! I wouldn't want to see the other guy though, Raikou himself is missing paint in quite a few places as well. (Going into this purchase I knew he was going to be dirty- It showed in the picture... but I couldn't leave him! He was cheap and came with a tiny Raikou that I'm working to identify right now :D )

I hope to be really active here in the upcoming year! :D Until my next post, happy winter holidays everybody!
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