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The Village People.

In the spirit of Christmas I decided to join the Christmas contest I saw awhile back. So this is my entry for it.  :) 

When I saw the ginger bread village kit, I couldn't resist but buy it. However some of the houses were broken inside so I (my friends and I) made do. (Thnx to my friend Senseidoodles  for taking the pictures while Lemontree11 and I decorate the village and stuff)

Its pretty photo heavy but it was to awesome not to upload. I hope you guys enjoy the photos. 


This ia Mayor Tyranitar. He welcomes every new comer to the town. :)

(Chosen photo for Judging)
OH NO!! there is trouble a foot. Dusknoir drank too much egg nog and is feeling kinda flirty.... -.- even Psyduck is like oh no not again.
But its cool. 

Here is Reuniclus and his home with his solosis  children playing out in the snow. lol

Whenever a visitor leaves to go back home, the people of the village like to throw a fairwell party and they tend to play that YMCA song as the ending song. (They spell out Y M C A!!)


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