➝ Raine ☂ (autumnrain) wrote in pkmncollectors,
➝ Raine ☂

☂ Oh. Oh dear.

I got a parcel this morning. That isn't really anything worth posting about, because as we all well know, parcels happen a LOT around here!

But I think you all might want to take a gander at how my goodies arrived!

Reuniclus, you killed Audino?!

Now, both stamps came in bubble wrap, in a little bag, in a bubble mailer. The seller wrapped them up really well! Me? I blame the postal system- it must be hell this time of year. Still, doesn't it look just like Reuniclus has killed Audino's stamp? :D I'm not too upset- these things happen, after all!

I would attempt to fix it, but without any super glue, it'll be hard. Also, I wouldn't trust fixing it and then trying to use it- it'd probably just re-break.

So, can you show me some of your broken items, guys? I know I've seen the Infamous Headless Victini, but what else have you got lurking?

Also- does anyone have a not-broken Audino Retsuden stamp they'd like to sell to me, please? EDIT: Replacement stamp has been located! Thank you ;w;

On a final note- Happy Holidays, everyone! No matter what you're celebrating, have a safe and happy one!
Tags: audino, reuniclus, wanted
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