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Collection Update and a small want

Hello all! Merry Christmas/Yuletide/Saturnalia/Kwanzaa to everyone. I've been planning on doing a collection update for a while now, but kept getting delayed by the sheer amount of items I was receiving. Thankfully, I've stopped buying things for myself momentarily, so my collecting has taken a long enough standstill to accommodate an update!
The following post contains many purchases that I am very proud of :)

Raichus! I really am thrilled with myself for nabbing all of these. The diorama in particular is really cool (though I replaced pikachu with my new manectric clipping figure)
Raichu miniature dish (sorry for all the fuzz). I never really realised just how small this thing was. I assume it's for soy sauce or something.
Manectric Tomy! Y U SO HARD TO FIND!?! Seriously, I've spent the greater part of a year trying to find one of these under $15. Thanks to Y!J, I finally got one at a reasonable price. MIB too!
Manectric tags by the wonderful moguryuu; thank you so much! I love them!

And finally something a little out of character~
I really amn't a pikachu fan. But this year's Hallowe'en plush was just too cute to miss. Then I bought the Tomy plush in Game with the intention of selling it...but I just didn't have the heart.

And now for a want: I have an abundance of pika and rai plush, but I only have a single pichu pokedoll. I'm looking for another pokedoll-sized plush to keep him company. Does anyone have one they're looking to sell?
Tags: collection, manectric, pikachu, raichu, wanted
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