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'twas the night before christmas

Hello community. I hope everyone is having a fantastic December! ♥ I actually started putting this post together last night, but couldn't finish until this morning. The result is that I have probably butchered the use of past and present tenses somewhere, goes! Since my last big update in the summer, my collection has gotten a whole new look, new set-up... I'm super-excited to show you! This is a collection update of sorts, *edit* and contest entry (1/24), but I have decided to do things a little bit differently this time around.

Since there have been quite a number of new arrivals to my home in the last couple of months, my own Pokemon have decided to throw the newcomers a little Christmas party! I'll let you take a peak at the festivities, that way, we'll meet all the new guys and get to see what sort of shenanigans my Pokemon have got up to this evening...

The party is being held under the Christmas tree, where all of the presents are, conveniently. Also, yes, there will be ponies making guest appearances. You have been warned!

Oh dear! It looks like Breloom (from [info]dezchu) has gotten into her Christmas presents a little bit early. I'm glad she loves her new scarf and bike; though she is going awfully fast there, hope she doesn't overdo it! But with Fluttershy watching, I'm sure everything will be okay.

A party isn't a party without Pinkie Pie! And she brought sweets, of course! Newcomers Zorua (from [info]elisha1288) and Stunky (from ebay-land) enjoy a warm welcome into the gang with a delicious and obligatory meal of cupcakes, cookies, and chocolate. Bibarel and Watchog (from [info]tissuepaperpet) were invited too, and they brought Gible along.

Zeke the Emboar is the boss of this place, so he goes to all the parties as a matter of course. Right now, he's preoccupied with downing this ginormous cup of peppermint hot chocolate. Doesn't the Grumpy mug match him well?

Prince Aster the Snivy prefers to sip a glass of sparkling apple cider with...Rarity! Only she can provide the type of sophisticated conversation suitable to a prince, Rarity thinks.

After the feasting, Rainbow Dash challenges the new Togekiss (from [info]blackberrypie) to a race! They are going to slide down the mountain of presents and launch off the end! Drilbur is the referee. More guests have gathered to watch the race, and Bibarel kindly allows Gible to sit on his head for a better view.

The more peaceable, less competitive guests, including Shaymin (from [info]punkspacewafers) and FlyingFetus the Munna, hide out on the other side of the "mountain" and have a picnic of candied fruits instead.

It looks like Garchomp has also poked his nose where it doesn't belong. He's found his Christmas present...and it's a motorcycle! Elated with this new device that allows him to more than triple his Speed stat, Garchomp wastes no time in trying it out and zooming circles around the Christmas tree. Not to be outdone, Tepig and Gible use Tepig's Nitro Charge to try to catch up with Garchomp. Gible seems to be having a hard time holding on!

Meanwhile, Ash, Misty, Brock, and their Pokemon are enjoying a night out on the town. Pikachu and Squirtle are peaking into a shop window, while Charmander just wants to eat at the waffle house. Bulbasaur is keeping to himself in the corner, being who he is...and, behind the that Team Rocket? Wonder what they are up to now?

In the midst of all these festivities, there is one innocuous looking present, sitting quietly... Sounds can be heard from inside. Wonder who's hiding in there?




It's canvas Bulbasaur! My Christmas treat to myself. From [info]cardwhale, this is possibly the most beautiful little plush I have ever had the pleasure to cuddle. He is so soft, exquisite, and just...adorable! There are no words to describe how amazingly neat this plush is. He's flawless. ♥

It's getting late now, and everyone is coming down from their sugar highs. Zeke is signifigantly less grouchy after his mug of hot chocolate, so he does something he rarely dos, which is to throw on his reading glasses and read a bedtime story to all his little cousins. The Tepig are pooped out after all the fun, and a story is all that is needed to put them to sleep.

Well, now that everyone has gone back to their proper shelving for the night, I can give you a tour of my collection! Still up for it? Then let's get going!

This is my room! This photo was taken before the others while it was still daylight. My Pokemon and videogames live on the blue shelf in front of my bed. Can you spot Chingling and Woobat on the wall?

Here is my Garchomp side-collection, this shelf is affectionately referred to as The Wayward Cave. All my landsharks live here. Even though his is just a side-collection, let it be known that Garchomp is my number one, my favorite Pokemon! My favorite piece from this collection is the jakks Garchomp. In fact, that figure is so badass that we simply must have another picture of it:

Because the idea of Garchomps speeding around on motorcycles amuses me too much.

Down here is my Excadrill side-collection, this shelf is called The Wellspring Cave, which is the first place you could catch a Drillbur in the games. I have all currently-released Excadrill figures except for the elusive metal figure! If anyone happens to come across one...let me know!  The little Excadrill on the rightmost side of the middle shelf, I made for myself, my first time working with colored clay. ♥

Next door is my Tepig mini-collection!

This beautiful drawing was a Christmas gift from [info]reilaa. It has our Pokemon characters, and I am absolutely floored by the whole layout and presentation of the thing. I love Gible painting in his little studio and the trendy dancing Lati@s pair! Next to this is a wickedly cool handkerchief which I bought because it had unique art of Excadrill, but also featured other favorites of mine like Zekrom, Emolga, Golurk, and Wargle! Underneath are three Pokemon books that I poured over and over in my childhood. I lost the Handbook #1 and Pathways to Adventure, but thanks to this community I now once again own a copy of both.

The other side of my room does not have much Pokemon, however there are a couple of things.

First is this stunning Christmas card from [info]ktmonkeyj on display next to the mini-tree!

Zekrom/Reshiram models underneath the TV, appropriately chilling with two of my Gundam models.

This gorgeous Daisuki Club sticker decorates my Wii!

It's not over yet! In addition to my bedroom, I also share an working room with my mom, and I have naturally spread out my collection to our "office" to make it look...even more fun! Because it was pretty fun to begin with:

To the right of this view is my desk. Let's start there!

This is where my plush live, right over where I study and do my homework. Sometimes I pretend they are a class and I am teaching them lessons. Hey, it's a great way to learn things. =D

Excuse the increasing graininess of these images. It is getting late and I have resorted to slugging around a giant flashlight to help light up my photos. Why must I only be inspired to make collection posts in the middle of the night?

This is my shrine, of sorts, to the anime. I have been with Pokemon since its very first episodes, like many of us here, the anime utterly captured my imagination as an 8 year-old and I just wanted something to pay tribute to that.

This is Chime Village! Welcome. I was inspired to put together an asian village due to Chingling's design's connection to Shinto shrines. The reason there are rocks pretending to be mountains in the background, is because I what I remember most about Chimecho is that they live on Mt. Pyre! Must like mountains then, which is why most of the Chimecho are on the rocks.

Close-up shot. Chingling has been my main collection since the beginning, although I am always excited to pick up new Chimecho too. What can I say...they are such joyful Pokemon.

More cubbies are under construction for secret projects new collections, but I will save them for another update, another time. With that, I conclude this long post. Thanks for sticking with it 'till the end! Have a merry christmas or holiday, from me and my pokemon. ♥

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