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I think Charmander is a bit scared xD

I hope the LJ Cut works..
Sorry for posting again really recently , Today I got something really special in the mail and wanted to share with you guys.
I also want to say congrats to
For winning the giant Lapras I also bid on C: !!
I also want to say thank you to sui_kune and dewott for being supportive :). You guys are amazing!

Now what is that massive thing behind Charmander you say?

.......................... :O It's...

Giant Pokemon Center Suicune
Isn't she really beautiful? :D

Her pretty face C:

Sadly when the box arrived it was half opened.. I would of been super upset if Suicune somehow got lost in the mail but thankfully it made it here safe and sound!
I still can't believe the price I got her for, I was just lucky. I did have to pay $100 more than what she had it listed at since she refused to sell me it for the original $38 shipped the auction was listed at. So it was $138 which is awesome even still!.

Sadly it's not in 100% new condition.
After looking around there are only 3 major problems I see. But still with these flaws I think they aren't really that bad.
Her legs are in really good condition I think. Sui_kune told me alot of the giant beasts have leg problems :C.
On the leg there is a string and it is sort of pilled? Just that white spot too, It must of rubbed up against something I would have imagined.

The tag on its leg is pretty tore up.

And this looks like it's coming apart.

So yeah :D I'm really happy to have gotten her, but I think I am going to be giving my 5 yr old nephew this one since it's really not in New condition.

And here is a picture of my 2 month old nephew on my bed who came and visited us for Christmas . Future Pokemon Master! He is so cute, his eyes got really big anytime I would bring him a Teddiursa Toy. :) I think that's his favorite one!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas too!
Tags: charmander, collection, lapras, plush, suicune
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