Puddles (eeveez) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I was going to wait but then I realized ( want list )

That I will be away for some time ( christmas and birthday )
Well I got some christmas money and looking to TOTALLY BLOW IT ON POKEMON STUFF. Because thats what we nerds do.

I'd love to know what merch Smergle has, and if anyone could show me pics etc? I'll be willing to buy anything (Excluding flats urgghhhhhhhhh ) as he's a big love of mine right now <3

Also I hope everyone has a great christmas, I plan on doing a collection post after my birthday incase I get anything O:

Also look who turned up in time for Xmas :D thanks denkimouse

beamsy shiny chu! I also finally uploaded a video of my pikachu talky
( you'll need to turn it up )

I hope you guys have a great christmas, see ya all! <3
Tags: pikachu, smeargle, wanted
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