Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

merry mpcmas!

in the true spirit of christmas, my mailman delivered to me a package on christmas eve i was sure had been lost after five whole days in the mail system. i know it seems impatient. but mail takes 1-2 days in japan usually... tops!

what joy of joys as the wrapping paper was torn off to reveal namco exclusive My Pokemon Collection plushies.

on smasher!

on slasher!

on flapper and primpin'!

on krooks and on crocs!

on donner and blitzegosh you really look like you have a little tiny human face there heh heh okay then! D:!!!

vitani the luxray was not cropped from THIS pic, no sir! whether she likes it or not she's into the christmas spirit! thanks vitani!

the winter contest has SO FEW ENTRIES! luckily it's the ~winter~ contest and will continue on into the end of january. give your entry a shot!

finally. this is news! do you remember those prototype attack-like figures from the last toy fair? a bit of an odd mixture of starters and zebstrika yes? we had no more info on them and they got a bit overshadowed by new MPC news.

well i have done my digging and my homework. i present to you the only info we have no this new line of figures...


According to the info card also with the setup, Moves Museum figures will be a brand new series, with so many figures in it that you can "build your own museum" and also register each figure online individually... hmm just like.... MPC!! No, right not there is no hint that "all" of any generation will be made into these figures.

The next information about them will come out in mid-February at the next toy show. How fun!

Until then, here is some SUPER nice closeups of the figures, and the info card with the teaser information. No word yet on size, BTW!

Thanks comrades! Have a good December 25th!
Tags: banpresto, conkeldurr, figures, info, krookodile, liepard, mpc, oshawott, snivy, tepig, tranquill, tympole, zebstrika

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