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Merry Christmas! Huge official badge sale

EDIT: Forgot to mention, selling a big Pokemon lot on eBay!

Hello everyone!

I used to be really into Pokemon League in college, and would always trade everyone for their badges every season. I ended up giving quite a few away as gifts, using them in cosplay, etc., but now I decided I don't need them anymore. Sales time!

Giovanni badge - $8 each

Blaine's badge - $8 each

Grass badge - $5 each

Water badge - $5 each

Electric badge - $5 each

Fire badge - $5 each

Byron badges - $6 each

Maylene - $6 each

Gardenia badge - $6 each

Fantina badge -$6 each

Candice badge - $6 each

Roark badge - $6 each

  • Sales permission given my denkimouse in  summer 2008
  • I ship from the USA
  • Shipping is $3 in the USA for 1 - 5 badges (includes the cost of a bubble envelope)
  • I will ship internationally - comment with your country for a shipping estimate

<3 asimplechimera
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