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[Really] Small Gets! + Sales

I just wanted to show you guys my two pieces of PokeMerch that I got for Christmas! xD

BootieChu Pillow Pet!  His head and tail are deformed but he's still so soft and cuddly! xD


Mini-Scraggy garbage can! XD Dude, I really dislike the pokemon scraggy [no offense to scraggy lovers] but I totally love this garbage can! XD.  My boyfriend [knowing my love of Pokemon] got it for me as a stocking stuffer.  I never would have even guessed that something like this would be stuffed in my stocking! 

While opening the box [These are random inside]  I was hoping that it would NOT be scraggy, but as I opened it, 'lo and behold, it was scraggy. Rofl. I was a little pouty at first but I eventually found the design a bite charming and fun as I started playing with it. 

When you open his mouth:

He is ready to eat stuff! Ha ha!  This has entertained me for hours XD The Sneasel kid inside shows you just how mini this garbage can is!
Sneasel: "Help Meee!"
Welp, that's all my new pokemerch for now xD Here's a small end of the years sales post of my stuff that I'd like to offer to the comm before I feed them to Ebay.

I was granted sales permission by [info]dakajojo on 03/17/11
I only accept PAYPAL. If using an e-check, your items will not be shipped until the payment has been processed.
Prices are in USD and do not include shipping (unless stated otherwise).
I can do holds up to 48 hours. If I receive no reply after 48 hours then the item will go back up for sale. 
No PM deals please. If you want to buy something, comment here.
I ship from the US and my home is smoke-free and pet-free.
I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages. Upon request I can have them ensured and/or tracked.
I reserve the right to refuse to sell to any banned member[s] and/or anyone accumulating a large number of negative feedback.
My feedback thread can be found here.
All community rules apply

I am now taking offers on my 8th Movie Mew Medal Swing, as a few have expressed interest in her since my auction for her b: Her starting offer is $10 and is the lowest I will accept for her.  Please reply to the offer thread designated to her with your offers. 

[She is on a chupa chup Pokeball because I forgot to put the chupa chup ball in with the rest of the pokeballs for sale lol OrZ.  She comes with the ball unless her future owner does not want the ball.]
Offers Ended!

Ralts [Throw?] Plush: $4
Weavile Kid: $2
Tailess Unoperational Raichu: $1
Norman V-Rainer: $1 or free with purchase
Tyranitar 4th Movie TOMY: $7
Celebi 4th Movie TOMY: $5
Grimer TOMY: $4 [$7 for both Muk and Grimer Tomys combined]
Muk TOMY: $4 [$7 for both Muk and Grimer Tomys combined]
Absol Figure w/ Razor Ball: $3
Drimblim Cell Strap: $3
Mudkip Figure: $1
Bellsprout Batlle Museum/Pencil Topper: $1

Pokeball/Masterballs in Back [Very loved]: $.050 or one free per purchase.
Pokeball keychains: $1
Pokeball Toy on far right: $3 [Pokeball spins and Pikachu is revealed in middle of the Pokeball]

B/W Sticker Sheet: $1.50
BK Pamphlets [One shows a Poliwag Toy, one shows a Sandshrew Toy]: Free with purchase
BK Arcanine Card: $0.50
BK Ivysaur Card: $0.50 [Backs of Ivysaur and Arcanine cards show scenes of Mew and Mewtwo/Ash and Party from 1st Movie shown HERE]
Mudkip Evolution Card: $1
Yanma [cut out from Jakks Figure Set]: $0.50
Budew [cut out from Jakks Figure Set]: $0.50

TOMY Figure Boxes: Free, just pay the shipping.  I wanted to see if anyone on the comm wanted these before I threw them out xD
Their backs look like this and this.

I need to get going now but I'll be back later [You guys can go crazy and finish tagging this post for me XD]. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!
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