Safaia Seidenki (safaiaseidenki) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Safaia Seidenki

Hello, community~! I've received some holiday funds, so I'd like to fulfill a few wants:                                          -Butterfree Pokedoll- looking for a minky release (if it exists), both tags preferred but not required, in good condition.  Not quite sure how much they run, so offer if you' re willing to sell. :D last one I saw went for  around $30-$40 shipped, I believe.                                                                                                  -any Hoenn starter Pokedoll- I'm scared to ask this, given they're less common, but hit me with your best shot! :D any release or tag status, but has to be good condition.                                                       -skeptical about it, but potentially a Skitty Pokedoll? It depends, do they come in minky? Must have a tush tag at least in good condition.
- Buizel Pokedoll- minky, at least one tag, good condition.
As for the question, how so you plush collectors like to display your plushies?
Happy holidays, everyone~!
Tags: blaziken, buizel, butterfree, sceptile, skitty, swampert, wanted
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