vaporeonxlover (vaporeonxlover) wrote in pkmncollectors,

WANTS!!!!! and commission for now?

hey everyone. i have christmas money and of course i would rather spend it on pokemon than clothing things like that. here goes my list:

-tomy plush
-any other plush (not the pokedoll)
-i love custom things too (plush, sculptures, MLP, etc)

-1:1 plush (possibly getting from someone on here)****
-talky plush (do they have these yet?)****
-custom anything (plush, sculptures, etc)
-any plush (not jakks, pokecen, small banpresto)
-cinccino plush (any)

-any plush
-custom anything (plush, sculptures, etc)
-any plush of gothorita or gothitelle (if there are any if not customs work)

-any plush (not pokedoll)
-customs (plush, sculptures, etc)

if you have any items let me know. the ones that have stars next to them are big wants as minccino seems to worked its way into a bigger collection than just a side collection XD

i will also be doing a collection date probably after the new year as i have 1 custom on the way, 1 custom going to be made, and a nice big box of plush coming from someone =]

-i am making a minccino OC and i would LOVE a custom plush of her. probably not too small but not too big either. maybe a size inbetween the pokecen plush and the 1:1 plush would be good. she also has a big purple bow around her neck. if that could be put on too that would be great and if it was removable if not thats fine. let me know if there is anyone that would be willing to take on the task. and let me know how much you charge =]
(will add some reference shots tomorrow)
Tags: wanted
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