Misselaineous10 (miss10) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Decorative 3DS!

Hi all! Merry Christmas! Err...well it was just a few hours ago, but it still kinda feels like it to me. =P

Anyway, I just wanted to show you my 3DS! Nothing too fancy (though I did put a pretty vinyl decal skin on it) except I put Pokemon stickers on it! I got them as a Christmas gift. 8D

These stickers are tiny, lol. But they're shiny and pretty. =3

This is my favorite out of the Mew stickers I got.

Here's Torterra with what I swear is the tiniest Mew sticker (or smallest sticker in general) I've ever seen. O_O

And here's Kyogre with another Mew sticker.

Here's a final looksee. =P

Also, here's a drawing I got in a Secret Santa art trade from a friend. He has a very unique art style, hehe. It's basically a Farfetch'd and Ducklett (in human form, somewhat) having a battle (boxing match, lol) while I'm the referee. Very weird and different, but I liked it and thought it was funny. =)

Along with the other gifts I got, this was an overall, awesome Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone!
Tags: ducklett, farfetch'd, kyogre, mew, torterra
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