I am a writer of fictions (ravestars85) wrote in pkmncollectors,
I am a writer of fictions

People who still owe me money!

I'm trying to finish gathering payments for these kids so I can get them sent out. I posted friday and haven't heard from these people yet:

Kyogre56-Marshtomp, Combusken, Tailow, Pelipper, and Blaziken. 22.00 is your total with shipping!
Rukarioh-Mew. 9.00 is your total.
Pixie_bee-Lotad. 5.00 is your total!

If something has come up, at least let me know.

Also I still have some zukan and kids available:

Probopass zukan-5.00 (open and split from lumineon)
Phione/Manaphy-5.00 (open and assembled, but everything is here.)


Medicham, Sealeo, Golbat, Sharpedo, Bonsly, Tentacool, Quagsire, Snover, Bronzong, Bellossom, Tangrowth, Loudred, Drowzee, Stantler, Wobbuffett, Chimecho, clear Dratini, clear Omanyte, Clear Wigglytuff, Munchlax, Electrode, Spinarak, Buneary, Poliwrath, Blastoise, Hoot Hoot, Wigglytuff, wurmple, Octillery, Clear Sandshrew, Marshtomp, Dustox, Pikachu, Hypno, Slaking, Kakuna, clear Eevee, Registeel, Regirock, machop, clear Squirtle, Machamp, Chansey, metagross, Gastly, elekid, magby, diglett, and totodile. Most of these kids are 3.00 each, except the clear ones. Just ask if you have any questions!

Shipping is 2.00-3.00 to anywhere in the world for these!
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