Soul (zoroark) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for some Eeveelution trading cards!

Hi everyone! I know that I haven't posted my Eevee and Eeveelution trading card collection yet, but I'm waiting on many packages in the mail so once I receive them and exhaust my holiday gift money I'll put up my collection!

Anyway, I'm looking for the Jungle Vaporeon, Jungle Jolteon, and Jungle Flareon Symbol error cards (they were accidentally printed without a set symbol) in MINT condition. I'm also looking for MINT condition Vaporeon ex, Jolteon ex, Flareon ex, Espeon ex, and Umbreon ex from the Eeveelutions 2006 World Championships deck. Let me know if anyone has any of these. Thanks!
Tags: cards, eevee, wanted
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