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Intro, collection post and a question

Despite the fact that I'm still waiting on a few items, I've decided to finally introduce myself and post my collection (since I've finally gotten my hands on a working camera)! Sooo... Hiya! C: I'm citrusleaf, I've been around the comm for a while, buying stuff and posting here and there, originally stumbling upon it while searching for info on the legitimacy of certain sellers on ebay... I've liked Pokemon ever since the original Red & Blue's release. My interest continued through second gen (which I also loved), fell a bit on 3rd gen throughout 4th, but was rekindled gloriously when I played through and completed Black! Now I can't wait for more~

I've owned plenty of Pokemerch when I was younger (mostly Tomy's from first and second generation, which, regretfully, are now in pretty bad condition due to being used as play things), but I've only recently begun seriously collecting. There are plenty of Pokemon that I adore, but due to it being a pricey hobby, I can only limit myself to a few. Generally, my favorite type is Flying, but I decided to focus on BW's grass-type starter who I fell in love with as soon as she was first introduced. To add to that, a friend and I decided to watch some of the BW anime out of curiosity, and although I went in not expecting too much, I ended up loving Snivy's sassy, yet protective attitude in it.

My secondary collection, which I pick up items for occasionally are Zekrom and Reshiram (the latter, I am a bit more biased towards- I love its feathery and soft look) as I loved the mythos behind them in BW. Lastly, I have a bit of White/Touko and N merch to go along with the dragon duo.

Thus, my collection. It is steadily growing~

My very first Snivy get! I got it at an Anime convention last May. She looks pretty grumpy, unlike in my icon.

Sooo much of my current collection is from you guys! Recent gets in this photo are the Snivy Canvas from nanoplasm and Serperior MPC from shiningmew! Thanks, guys, I love them! :D Sadly, before I found this wonderful comm, I had already bought about 5 plush from ebay without being very well informed... MPC Snivy may very well be a reject as she came without a hang tag and the stitching above one of her eyes seems a bit sloppy/off. Nevertheless, she enjoys cuddling with Jakks Reversible Snivy in her pokeball.

Don't mind the Servine papercraft with a wonky leg. :P The tin was bought from koujakai~ Snivy Ty and Mini-talky were both Xmas gifts from a fellow Pokefan-friend of mine who collects Oshawott. Mini-talky Snivy is probably my current favorite item. <3

More plush and a few figures and such. Three of these plush are of questionable authenticity (oh, ebay). Still, their quality isn't bad, so I'm not too upset. At least now I know better. :/

Snivy-line cards! I'm not really interested in getting every variation for a single card; I just get them for the nice artwork.

Time for dragons. Not too big of a collection so far. I didn't realize until I after I uploaded these photos that the Reshi Kid had fallen behind her box. Pfft. Maybe she is camera shy?

I need to get the twin to that particular Reshiram plush sometime, although according to ebay, it is now "rare".

I really like the art on the most recent N TCG card. The small N doodle came with an N charm I bought off etsy from myKobito. I thought it was too cute to just throw out so I decided to display it with my other N-related items.

Oh, and if you are interested in making a cute little N papercraft of your very own like the one shown here, check out desubunny's DA page for it!  BAM

Said charm which has suffered the repercussions of being a travel buddy (along with the White/Touko Dot Series charm).

A couple of random stragglers (which may ALSO be booties- Dat crooked Woobat shnoz). :P I'd like to get the Mienshao and Alomomola MPC's to join them eventually.

Aaand a bunch of Perler bead sprites:

Chikorita, my original #1 starter. I am sorry your throne was usurped by Snivy. ;w;

The five going along the bottom are the team members I used to conqer the League on my second run of Black; all I need is Mieshao to complete it.

Does anyone have any tips on securely displaying these on a wall? I've been thinking about checking out if the Command brand has anything that would work, but I welcome any other ideas.

Lastly, a question: Does anyone know the legitimacy of this Snivy pillow? If it's unofficial, it's still adorable so I've been thinking about getting it, although I've read about people buying these types of items and them looking worse than the image once they get them in their hands; sometimes even falling apart.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!
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