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Small Collection Update!

Hello community! ^.^ I hope you all had a great Christmas/Holiday!

I was going to wait awhile for this, but I figured I might as well go ahead and post a small update. In this update, you will see 3 items, the third being a pretty epic custom, if I do say so myself. =p

Please note....I would love to give credit to the people I bought from, but due to having no feedback left it is hard. I would just like to say thank you to you... you know who you are. =)

#1: Articuno Keychain

Sorry for the blurry image. I could not remember if I posted this in my last update, so I figured it could not hurt to throw it in here. It is the only one I have seen of its kind to date, so it is a nice piece to my collection. =)

#2: Articuno Patch

I have been searching for quite awhile for this item! I was on the community one night and found it in a post, I was very excited.. my only dilemma is trying to figure out if I want to use it or not. =p

Now... for my newest custom plush added to my main collection.... Ready?

Custom Articuno Pokedoll!

This was made by the talented cwinget. I love this plush! Not only is it very well made, but it is beautifully done and extremely soft. When I was asked for any specifications, I asked for something similar yet different from a plush I had seen before. I wanted it similar, yet unique and not a copy, cwinget did an amazing job, couldn't asked for better! Look at those little feet and wings, so cute and detailed. I would love to pick out my favorite feature, but it is just too hard!

^.^ Thank you again for this awesome addition to my ice bird collection! ^.^

Well, that is it for now, but my next update will feature a grail of epic proportions! One I have waited a long time to finally be able to get. Want a hint? well.... I can't think of any to give without blowing the surprise. =( If I think of one, I'll be sure to post! lol

Sales plug: If you are interested, please take a look at my shop. I have a few plush, TOMY figures, and other assorted things for sale. You may reach my sales page via the following link, or just click my username and then sales. =p

Also, I am looking to sell my MWT Jap Serperior Pokedoll. If interested please let me know. =)

Thanks for viewing!
Take care everyone!

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