Jenny Lynn (elekid) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jenny Lynn

Looking to buy: More Croagunk merch! <3

Hey guys! I've actually started to do some serious work on my croagunk collection, and now I can with my christmas money! :D Here's what I've already got:

Jakks Croagunk basic plush

Halloween UFO

And the cheebee.

I was supposed to get the light up cheeks UFO, but Anime N games sent me the regular one instead. So hopefully I'll get that sorted out soon, and maybe I'll be able to keep them both. DX

I'm really looking for the Jakks open mouth plush, but hit me with anything I don't have! I can't go over a budget of 25 dollars, though. ;) Thanks everybody! (I promise I'm going to do a HUGE christmas gets post for my overall collection soon- my room exploded!)
Tags: croagunk, wanted
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