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Diddly-Dum-dum-da-da (A package in the mailbox)

Lookie here! Look what I got in the mail! Unfortunately, I wasn't here to retrieve it, yet I was overjoyed to learn that it had arrived. I was expecting it today, and here it is!



Ooops! Looks like Nightgown Phione accidentally cut through the Pokemon Center bag! Oh well, I've torn these up before too, so no big loss.


Huh? It looks like somebody or something is in there. It seems to be jingling. Nightgown Phione, being naturally good-hearted, wishes to help.


Look! It's a Dragonair that Nightgown Phione rescued! And what is that she brought with her? It looks like a little doodle of her!


And here she is at her new home, on top of my bureau like all of my other Pokemon collections!
Isn't she just so at home here?  Thanks to heerosferret, she's all mine and my Dragonair collection has come off to a good start with her. She's also much smaller than I expected, but that's just part of her charm. Thanks again, Gin!
EDIT: The flash problems were fixed in the worst of the pictures (the last two). Now the only problem is the lighting, but that's the least of my concerns right now.
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