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(Two!) 1:1 Totodile Auctions! & tiny sales

Hello community! I have listed two of the three Totodiles I recently acquired for sale on eBay. A lot of people were interested, so I figured I'd post an update for them! Help them find a good, loving home! :]

EDIT: I am shipping them to ANYWHERE in the world, just ask for a quote! Sorry I messed up on the listing!

You can click through each respective Totodile to get to his eBay auction page!

I also still have these two for sale:

Weavile Pokedoll - Excellent condition - No tush tag - $15
Rayquaza UFO 2004 - Good condition - Tush tag - $10

Thanks for looking everyone, and happy holidays!

Sales permission granted on 9/25/11 by dakajojo!

Tags: auction, plush, pokedolls, rayquaza, sales, totodile, weavile
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