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Tis Time for a GB

Edit 2: SMJ made a boo-boo in processing my payment for this Sold Out listing. :/
This update was reflected only on the site; no email was sent to me. I was oblivious until today, hence why I proposed this GB a few days ago.

I will be contacting SMJ about this matter, especially since the listing is still available for purchase despite being sold out. Sorry guys. :( I have also sent a PM to each of you as well as your refunds.

Edit: All slots claimed! Thanks you guys.

I am now taking claims for this lot of 10th Anniversary Movie Figures.

Quick rundown:

There will be three payments.
1 - The item price, which will be asked for as soon as you request a slot.
2 - Fees and shipping to me.
3 - Shipping from me to you.

Each figure is priced at $2.60.
Claims, more photos, and more info can be located under the cut.

** Claims **
1. Lugia (1 / 80 scale) - acciolucius
2. Entei (1 / 30 scale) - nasija
3. Jirachi (1 / 20 scale) - elementparadise
4. Lucario (1 / 30 scale) - elementparadise
5. Mew (1 / 20 scale) - remderosier
6. Palkia (1 / 80 scale) - elementparadise
7. Darkrai (1 / 30 scale) - sketchies

My sales permission was granted in July 2011 by dakajojo.
Keep in mind that this is a SMJ purchase.
My shipping location is the USA.
Payment is expected when you claim a slot.
Tags: darkrai, entei, jirachi, lucario, lugia, mew, palkia, zukan
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