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Hi everyone, it's LegendaryLuna here and I back to ask ya'll for some help :)
Ok in my following post I was looking for the dragonite pokedoll and tomy latias and latios...sadly no luck . BUT I am still looking for them :D! For now though I am looking for the following: (P.S I CAN ONLY DO MONEY ORDERS! SO SORRY!)

1. Lapras Pokedoll
2. Charmander Canvas plush
3. Dragonite Canvas plush
4. Eevee Pokedoll
5. Jolteon Pokedoll

Now any of the following pokemon listed I will buy anything from you (example: figures/plush/kids/exc.)

1.Eevee - (any eeveelutions)
3.Latias and Latios
4.Legendary Dogs- (Entei, Raiku, & Suicune) 
5.Any Legendary Birds-(Articuno,Zapdos,Moltres,Ho-oh,exc.)

Also I am willing to trade ^^

(Update for I have bought the following: Raiku Pokedoll, Entie Pokedoll)
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