Amanda (nefhithiel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Has anybody heard from this person?

qubeley087 had a sales post a couple weeks ago.

Here it is!

EDIT- It seems NOBODY has received their stuff from this guy. >_< scarsofsunlight hasn't posted yet, though. But they paid by MO, so I think qubeley087 had said that the MO needed to arrive within a week and then would send that package out. I still haven't received an email back, either. It's been 24 hours. I know not everyone lives in their inbox, but surely you check it at least once a day? Right? :O

I sent them an email this morning and haven't got a response yet. I'm becoming slightly concerned, but I'm gonna give it till Friday before I do anything else.  They said everything would be in the mail by Friday (the 18th). Yesterday I received something from someone else that had been mailed on Monday the 21st. So... yeah. ._.

I'm leaving this address in a week and a half, so I really want to get what I bought in time. The only other thing I am waiting on to come here is from juumou, and I have a tracking number for that. :D

Basically I'm just asking if anyone else who ordered from them received their stuff yet. :D That will make me feel better if anyone has.

I wouldn't be as worried as I am if qubeley087 posted here more than just that one time. ._.

Thank you, and sorry if this is not allowed. It can be deleted if necessary. n_n I just really don't want the situation to become a bad thing. :(
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