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Dark Rush Sales Post and an Update on the December Zukan!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having good winter holidays as of late. I got my boxes of Dark Rush today, and I got a TON of doubles, so I thought I'd see if anyone was interested in them! :D As a small note, I will do a trade on these cards. If you happen to have a RaikouEX Full Art card from this set in Mint Condition, please let me know and maybe I can trade you my EnteiEX Full Art card for it? That is the ONLY trade I will do though!

Anyways, onto the cards!

Umbreon Promo: $3 (2 Available)
EnteiEX (NOT the Full Art variant!!!): $12 (1 Available)
RaikouEX (NOT the Full Art variant!!!): $12 (0 Available) SOLD OUT!
DarkraiEX (NOT the Full Art variant!!!): $11 (1 Available)
EnteiEX Full Art Super Rare Card: $27 (0 Available) SOLD OUT!

Holos: $2.50 EACH

4x Venusaur
2x Blaziken
2x Volcarona
5x Empoleon
5x Eelektross
4x Zoroark
5x Krookodile
5x Klinklang
4x Blissey

Prices do not include shipping! Comment below with your ZIP code/country to get some cards! :D

Also, I have some news about the December Zukan set. It will, actually, be coming in the first-second week of January 2012. Sorry for the delay! People have been asking me about this, however, so I thought I would just clear the air with this notice. Look for the post next year (1-2 weeks from now)!!

Thanks! :D

(Also, just a note, the December Kids will be shipped by the end of 2011. :3)
Tags: blaziken, blissey, cards, darkrai, eelektross, empoleon, entei, klinklang, krookodile, raikou, sales, venusaur, volcarona, zoroark, zukan

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