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christmas gets

Hey everyone! I was waiting for a few parcels to arrive before doing my update, but I'm too impatient. D:
Christmas was amazing. My partner won a huge lot of 42 plush a couple months back, I've been aching to get my hands on them ever since.
He and my daughter also spoilt me with some other plush at the top of my wants list. Eeee. ^-^
But enough rambling, it's time for pictures!

First off, a couple of before-christmas gets.

What can I say, they were both on sale. Typhlosion was my favourite pokemon until Galvantula came along, so I had to get something [other than the plush] of him. And I've always had a soft spot for the pokeball/figurine combination.

Sceptile actually came with one of my Christmas plushies. She's quite different than what I had thought she'd be like - smaller, and I didn't know she had such a huge tail. But her lovely vibrant green makes up for everything.


A break-down of my favourites of the bunch:
Marshtomp- I still can't believe I completed my 'kip collection in the span of 2 months. I took Pearl (Marshtomp) to all my Christmas parties, we had a blast together.
Hitmontop- My partner got me this little guy from Hardrock. I'm a little disappointed he's not squishy, but he's a lovely addition to my collection nonetheless.
Flygon- A beautiful gift from my daughter, still in it's original box/stand-thing (although sticky-taped all over to keep the cardboard together).
Eeveelution pokedoll set- First of all, the seller said half of them were probably bootlegs. But the half that were important to me (Eevee, Espeon, Flareon, Jolteon) were the legitimate ones so I don't consider it a great loss. Granted, a whole set of legitimate eeveelutions would have been fantastic.
Caterpie friends plush- The whole reason I asked my partner if he'd try to win the lot for me. He thought I was crazy, the way I was raving about that tiny plush. XD
Series 2 Jakks plush set- Unbelievable find while I was shopping with my mother a few weeks ago. She still hadn't gotten me anything for Christmas, so offered to get them for me. It seemed a big deal at first, but now they're everywhere in Australia. :/

We also got my daughter a couple of things. I am so jealous of her Eevee, it's so soft and sweet. At least she lets me keep it on the bottom shelf for safe-keeping.

Complete plush collection here
That's all from me today. Happy Holidays. :)

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