Ashley (elementparadise) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for some things...

Hey there everyone, long time no see! Hope you all have had or are having nice holidays! I know I haven't really been around since the summer (school is kicking my butt), but I promise that a collection update will be on its way as soon as I get back to my apartment in the new year.

Anyway, since I'm thinking of possibly doing paleontology in grad school and as a career, I'd like to honour this by starting up a little collection of FOSSIL POKEMON! My other option is doing conservation work, but I can't figure out what group of Pokemon would symbolize that best :P

Because of this new-found goal, I'm looking to get me some fossil merch! The only thing I have right now is a Shieldon UFO, so anything is fair game. I'm also looking to get my first MC+ and some of those Gekitou diorama things (the ones that have Pikachu vs Tepig and Scraggy vs Servine).

And of course anything electric-type, grass-type, zukan, or detailed figures with dynamic poses (think Kaiyodo) is welcome too. You can find a wishlist on my journal but it needs to be updated badly!

Thanks everyone :)
Tags: aerodactyl, anorith, archen, archeops, armaldo, bastiodon, carracosta, cradily, cranidos, figures, kabuto, kabutops, lileep, omanyte, omastar, rampardos, shieldon, tirtouga, wanted
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