frugrow (frugrow) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Upcoming TOMY Kyurem and Musketeers Trio merch!!!

I was searching for new Kyurem merchandise and stumbled upon this gem of info! Upcoming TOMY plushies and MC figures of the Musketeers Trio and the Battle Action (remote controlled?) figure of Kyurem!

Terrakion TOMY MC:

Terrakion TOMY Best Wishes plushie:

Cobalion TOMY MC:

Cobalion TOMY Best Wishes plushie:

Virizion TOMY MC:

Virizion TOMY Best Wishes plushie:

Kyurem TOMY Battle Action figure:

The plushies come out early February 2012. MC figures come out mid-Feburary 2012. Battle Action Kyurem figure comes out late March 2012. These are practically around the corner so we can probably expect pictures real soon!
Tags: cobalion, figures, info, kyurem, plush, terrakion, tomy, virizion
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