spideyroxas (spideyroxas) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Wants post!

It's been awhile since i've posted a wants post! 
I've made major updates to my wants, since i got quite a few for christmas... 

They're here on the website!
it's not complete but i couldnt think of anything else ATM.. but i'd be interested in checking out some Cyndaquil line items or Fighting type stuff i don't have...

For anyone waiting on items from me, i still have all in my possession.. due to hecktick times at work & xmas i haven't been able to reach the Post Office.. but they'll be out the 1st week in Janurary! Sorry for delays guys! <3

And I got one of my GRAILS for xmas from my best friend Myvampirelust19

Hitmonchan Bell Plush <3 <3 so perfect!, I'll be doing a massive update for new years once im back from my trip for New Years!

I hope you've all had a good festive period & a Happy New Year!!

Bon Voyage
Tags: bell plush, hitmonchan, wanted
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