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Small Update, Sales, and Price Check!

I decided to post some of my Christmas gets today along with some sales. I changed some prices and added some things, so please check out my sales post! I'm in need of a small amount of cash, so I am open to haggling! The only section that I have open is my Current Sales! All others are currently closed!(Unless I have a grail of yours in there somewhere.)

My Sales are here(Please read my terms too. They're rather important.):

I also have a custom ceramic Oshawott sculpture, a Jakks Zorua, Jakks Pichu, and Jakks Summer Deerling for sale under the cut.

I'm also wondering if this card is worth anything? I understand that WB Contest cards are kind of hard to come by?

We'll start with sales first! Please read my sales terms if you haven't done so already:

Ceramic Gentleman Oshawott Sculpture made by me! He's very sturdy(it will survive small drops. Just not on things like tile or concrete.) and and is glazed except for his torso. His torso(not the shell) was painted with gloss enamel paint.He's about 5 inches tall. He is hollow on the inside but is a little heavy. The bottom is not glazed or painted. There is also a small hole underneath him(he could not be fired without these things, otherwise he would've exploded or gotten stuck to the bottom of the kiln.)
He also has a matching box(They are separate pieces. The box isn't very good, so if you do want it, let me know and I'll give you the price for both.)
More pictures:

With the box:

(He just sits on top of the box. They don't lock together or anything.)

I'm asking $20 shipped for him(he'll be shipped in a small box.) A lot of work and love went into making him, so please give him a good home! I actually had to make this guy twice(someone stole my first one. -_-) so the second time is the charm?

Jakks Pichu(No tush tag. Hang tag is not attatched but will be included.) - $10 shipped

Jakks Zorua(Hang tag is not attatched, but will be included.) - $10 shipped

Jakks Deerling - (Has tush tag. I currently don't know where the hang tag is. I'll update this when I find it.)$10 shipped

Now it's update time!

New Minccino Musical Scrunchie! My hair isn't really long enough to wear this yet, so I'm using it as a necklace for my Minccino plush and sometimes as a bracelet.

AWESOME Pikachu hat. It's SO comfortable!

Pikachu backpack! It actually holds A LOT of stuff! He can hold my 3DS, my wallet, my phone, two of my Shugo Chara Keychains AND my Minccino plush keychain and probably more!

Adorable Oshawott cling backpack! He just BARELY fits me. The straps are super tiny. Unfortunately, he doesn't hold very much stuff. D:

Super cute Oshawott charm! I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to keep it on my wall, or on my 3DS.

My aunt bought me this Minccino keychain! He's so shiny and he looks so cute on my Minccino bag!

And I was saving the best for last...

My Sinnoh Canvas mug! Once I saw that it had a Shinx on it, it had to be mine. And maybe I have a bit of a soft spot for Piplup too. My only complaint is that it's super tiny. I guess it works when I'm not horribly thirsty.
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