Jessica (tailglow) wrote in pkmncollectors,

updated sales post :) + taking offers on giant potato chu!

Because I need to make up for what I've been buying..

I'm sorry if this image belongs to anyone; I just stole it off of dA so please let me know if it belongs to you. :s needed to make a quick sales banner so forgive me!

  • I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on December 20th, 2011.
  • I ship everyday except for Sundays obviously, from California. :)
  • I accept Paypal and eChecks, but your item will not be sent until the eCheck money is in my account.
  • All orders over $10 will require an extra $.80 for delivery confirmation only if you are in the US. I am not responsible for items once they are posted.
  • USPS cannot add tracking # or insurance to international orders unless a it was upgraded to priority, which is extremely pricey. For this reason, all non-US orders will be shipped first-class.
  • I reuse my envelopes & boxes. Sorry if you hate recycling!
  • Orders over $30 will automatically receive 10% off before fees.
  • Orders over $50 will be allowed for a payment plan.
  • If an item is inquired, I will only hold it for 18 hours after a quote is given. However, if you do need an extension, you must be committed or a negative feedback will be left.
  • I now accept small haggling. Trades & partial trades are welcome but I'm currently in need of money so no hard feelings if I don't want anything from you. ;n;
  • I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

    $200 OBO! (BIN'd)

    Jakks Turtwig -- $1. (SOLD)
    Elekid Roller Stamp -- $1.50.
    Bellossom Roller Stamp -- $1.50.
    Or take both stamps for $2.50! (SOLD)

    Meiji gums! -- .50$/ea.
    Pikachu (2), Snivy (4), Tepig (3), Oshawott (2),
    Pidove (3), Sandile (2), Zorua (3), Zoroark (3), Reshiram (4), Zekrom (3).

    ShoPro stickers -- $.20/ea.

    Manaphy UFO -- $5.
    Pichu UFO (eyes are scuffed) -- $4. (SOLD)
    Victini UFO (butt wings are kinda awkward) -- $11.
    Bellossom UFO -- $13. (SOLD)

    Jakks Pidove -- $4. (HOLD)
    Reversible Raichu (no zipper pull) -- $3. (SOLD)
    Banpresto Pachirisu Strap -- $3.
    Bandai Hoppip Friends (kinda dirty) -- $3. (SOLD)
    Bandai Wartortle Friends (kinda dirty) -- $11.
    Jakks Torchic -- $6. (SOLD)

    Hasbro Raichu -- $8. (SOLD)
    Hasbro Koffing -- $4. (SOLD)
    Hasbro Slowking -- $15. (SOLD)
    Booty Larvitar -- $13. (SOLD)
    Weezing & Slowking are bffs, you should buy them together. (;

    Entei Finger Puppet -- $7.
    BK Arbok (wrinkly package) -- $5. (SOLD)
    BK Jigglypuff (wrinkly package) -- $3. (SOLD)
    BK Magikarp (one of its whiskers are separated; easy fix w/ fabric glue) -- $10.

    BK Articuno (wrinkly package) -- $11.
    BK Zapdos (wrinkly package) -- $11.
    BK Moltres (wrinkly package) -- $11.
    Or take the set for $25! (SOLD)

    Tomy Animatronic Celebi (talks & moves) -- $30.
    Reversible Celebi -- $8. (SOLD)
    Celebi Finger Puppet -- $8. (SOLD)
    Banpresto Celebi Strap -- $2. (SOLD)

    Jakks figures!
    Dewott -- $7. (SOLD)
    Sandile -- $5.
    Tepig (NIP) -- $5.

    Some Pokemon Trivia thing from the early 2000's..
    Marill -- $1.25.
    Donphan -- $1.25.
    Freebies are all gone, sorry! :c

    So yep that's all. Thanks for looking!
  • Tags: arbok, articuno, bandai, banpresto, bellossom, celebi, deerling, dewott, donphan, elekid, entei, hoppip, jakks, jigglypuff, larvitar, magikarp, manaphy, mantyke, marill, moltres, oshawott, pachirisu, pichu, pidove, pikachu, plush, raichu, reshiram, reuniclus, sales, sandile, servine, slowking, snivy, spinarak, tepig, tomy, torchic, turtwig, victini, wartortle, weezing, woobat, zapdos, zekrom, zoroark, zorua
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