typhera (typhera) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update & Wants

My favorite pokemon is Typhlosion, but I don't really have a main collection. I kind of just collect particular items that I really like, not so much just certain pokemon. I have a few things not pictured that are still packed. Such as some kids, and Typhlosion zukan. :)

This was a painting of Typhlosion and Floatzel that I never got to finish. xP

My Reshiram and Zekrom lotto figures with over sized chess pieces from Hobby Lobby.

Distant shot of my collection.

My Reshiram, Latios, and Samurott pokedolls.

I'm pretty sure Typhlosion is a bootie, but he's still cute. Typhlosion/Serperior sculpture was a commission.

Tags: cards, collection, reshiram, typhlosion, zekrom
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