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Mini Grail Get

Hi everyone! I wasn't planning on posting, but I was just so happy that I had to. ;-; Also, people that I was sending stuff out to, there was an unexpected trip out of town, so I'll be sending tomorrow. Sorry. ;-;

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Sceptile Pokedoll! <3333

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I've been wanting one of these since they came out. And it was heartbreaking knowing my mom wouldn't let me, plus the fact that they are so expensive and rare to find nowadays. But recently my friend went to goodwill and found a bag full of pokedolls for 99 cents, which included this lovely plush. He was nice enough to let me have it. ;-; I could not express my joy. I simply love the her.

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She gets a special spot on the pillow. <3 But that's pretty much it for today. Thanks for looking. >w<

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