Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

Collection Update + Sales Post

Guess what I got today? :D

That's right, my SMJ box! And you know what that means!

Percival: Yay! A new friend! ...Man you're tiny.

He's a stamper!

And he stamps stamps stamps stamps stamps.

Now for the stuff for sale! I have stampers and a BOATLOAD of Amada stickers.

POLICIES: Paypal only! E-checks are okay, but will result in a delay in shipping as I wait for payment to clear. No holding of items unless we've worked something out beforehand.
Trades are okay, but I probably will not trade for art this time around. Here is my wishlist of items.
I ship on Mondays and Wednesdays. Shipping insurance is optional but recommended if your mail tends to disappear. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
When sending payment, INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME!! Can't stress this enough :)

First off, the above stampers + stickers are reserved for people! If you don't want 'em, just say so and I'll put them back up for sale again.

Stampers! They are self-inking stampers about an inch tall. They're a little smudged, but the smudges seem to rub right off with a little elbow grease.
$3 each, $2 shipping.

STICKERS: All stickers are $3.50 each, this INCLUDES SHIPPING worldwise! Each additional sticker is only $1.50.

What is a Laminacard, you ask? Good question! I have no idea how these were originally sold, but they are clear collectable cards, about the same size as a TCG card, with the Pokémon's name and stats on it. They are VERY rare, I've only seen them on eBay once, and that was this lot!

Growlithe not for sale, obviously.

Each Laminacard is $3.50, including shipping worldwide! Each additional card is $1.50. If you've already ordered another item from the sales post, the $1.50 price applies, you don't have to pay shipping over again!
These cards have a few surface scratches, but are clean (swabbed them all down with Windex wipies).

Tags: arcanine, collection, growlithe, sales
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