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Collection Update & Separate Feedbacks

Okay, so I've gotten a lot of stuff lately and I just wanted to share =0v0= There's candles and ghosties and even a few critters of the sea ;D I'm very happy to announce that I have all but one item for my candle line! [yay! I've never been so current with a collection before =;w;= ] Follow the cut to see what I got! Warning, image heavy!

First up are the plush! Pokedolls to be precise ;D

Manaphy! Temple of the Sea is my favorite pokemon movie and so I've always wanted a manaphy plush. I decided to get the pokedoll just cause it's one of the really cute small plush.

Magikarp xD look at that derp face! I had to get one because I had one in the game and my magikarp's name is Fishstix. I named him that for the lols so when he evolves and goes into battle my opponent will be all like wtf?!! =eve=

Lampent Halloween plush! Lampent's first plush =;w;= such a cutie <3~ I got this one from smj.

Christmas litwick! this plush is really detailed and creative; I got it for a really awesome price thanks to nanoplasm <33~ I love how sparkly the xmas sign is =>w<=

Litwick mpc! This plush really caught me off guard. I mean, I really thought it looked like velboa fabric xD I was surprised that this was was actually so very soft lol I wish the entire plush had been the same fabric, but whatever, it's still cute and I can't wait till chandelure gets one =;w;=

Rotom pokedoll. I won this one in an auction and I decided to name this one Ninja. Now, I know what you're thinking...ninja is such a strange name for a rotom, right? I named him ninja because there's an actual appliance called the ninja, and I just thought of how funny it would be if I had one and my rotom possessed it xD So the name stays lol

Shuppet!!! I've recently fallen in love with shuppet, maybe cause it reminds me of a teruterubozu so much. Not to mention it's super easy to make xD So I got the only official plush it had and I snagged a banette too ;D [although banette is in storage still xD;; ] I love that shuppet has its tongue sticking out, it makes it all that much more adorables =>w<=

Now, onto figures and flats ;D

Finally! I found this in a small affordable lot on ebay =;v;= Wingull Krak! It's the last official merch that I needed for my collection. I dare say that I've got all the wingull merch there is out there ;D [with the exception of some stickers and cards] yay! It's so sparkly and pretty =>w<=

Litwick Christmas Charm that I got from the group buy I ran. I was so surprised to find the enamel to be glittery =0v0= like it was all set up to look like it had christmas magic or something xD

CHANDELURE STAMP! Chandelure's first official merchandise aside from the kids figure, can badge and charm =0w0= How cool is it that my fav color is in the background? This stamp was meant for me! *shot* xD

Litwick stamp =0v0= it's all heart shaped and cute =;w;= these stamps are so tiny and detailed and I just find them really amazing!

Chandelure can badge :D Unfortunately, the one I got from Gin got a dent in it D': I presume it was because the mail service was just a bit too rough, but despite that, it's still pretty cool =0w0=

Spritomb Stuff! I've actually had these for a while, but never posted them xD I really like these figures and the coin I got recently in a lot I won. They match my pokedoll, who I named Swarley xD

Shuppet stickers! I got them in random lots and decided to keep them cause shuppet is just adorables =;w;=

Banette Chess Piece! Now this thing is just epic looking. I'm so amazed at the detail that this figure has and I was lucky that it wasn't terribly hard for me to track down =0w0= it was even MIB =*w*= Every time I look at it, all I can say is just wow xD

Shuppet & Banette Zukan. Now obviously this isn't the orginal base or peg for this line, but when I got the zukan, it was glued to the base, and I pulled it off and the pieces were still in very good shape after =0w0= The base is from my espeon/umbreon zukan, and the peg is from my vaporeon/jolteon/flareon zukan. It's so mismatchy I know, but it works for the time being xD I really love how shuppet is so tiny and yet so detailed! It's little tongue is so cute I could die =;w;=

Banette Pencil Topper! I think it's using shadow ball, but I'm not certain =0.0= Either way, it's really creative and I do love it =^^= It was the first Banette figure I got because it was a good price and I was still waffling over whether I wanted to collect the shuppet line xD

Giratina Chous! These aren't my fav chous, but I hope to obtain them in the future ;D I really like the bases and these poses though =>w<=

Giratina clipping figure! without the base unfortunately xD but it's still a really cool figure! I really like this one how it's curled up and still looking to make a vicious attack!

Giratina Battle Figure! Now I don't know a whole lot about this figure, I just saw it on AmberTDD's collection site and said I want that one! xD I popped up in an auction and I was really glad I snagged it! It's so detailed and full of awesome!

I also got a second kesipoke and was playing around with them the other day and realized this. AWWWW, THEY MAKE A HEART! Giratina wuvs for all! <33~

I'd also like to let people know that I've set up feedback in two different places. One is for my plush customs: http://www.spwcustoms.co.cc and one is for my sales here on the comm that I put in my journal: http://kassia9.livejournal.com/5210.html
So if anyone needed to or wanted to leave me feedback, make sure you pick the right place ;)

Also, if anyone has anything on my wants list for sale, please let me know!

I will also be gearing up for a sales post sometime next week ;D It has stamps, metal figures, metal swings, and much more!
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