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Surrender your Piplups

I'm looking to do a little belated christmas/birthday shopping with my first paycheck!

First and foremost, I'm looking for the following Piplup plushies:

Proud Piplup or ANY of the Ganbatte! (Do Your Best) Piplup set.

The Contest UFO Piplup
Summer UFO Piplup (It's holding an ice cream cone)

Piplup Backpack
Mystery Dungeon Piplup

I decided to not spam too much photowise, since it's all from PPP anyway <:

I'm mainly interested in those plush, but I am willing to look at other offers of plush and merchandise revolving around Piplup!

In addition to the piplups I seek I'm wondering if any community members have any N-related merch, such as the dot-sprite items, the Sugimori clearfiles, tcg or whatevs! I'm dying to find the dot-sprite can badge, but it's a bit of a gamble for me to buy a Sunyshore blind package!

For the N-related items, I am aware that I can look for them on Hardrock and Sunyshore, but I'm simply looking to see if any other of you community members have better deals to offer me <:

If you'd be so kind as to give an estimate on cost, with shipping to California, I'd be super grateful!

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