Don't press Alt & F4! (johtofire) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Don't press Alt & F4!

Miju get and question (^.^;)

Just a quick post, look what I got in the post! (I got it before Christmas, but kinda forgot to post about it lol)
Rubbish webcam quality fail :L

He's about 10" tall, and he's really lovely and squishy! He's the DX UFO mijumaru and his name is Uteki <3
He's my new cuddle buddy! Thank you soo much tornaderman!

And my question...
If I was to make a plush, which Pokemon should I plush?
I'm going to a fabric shop today and fancy making something (^_^)
Please comment suggestions below :D
Bye for now!  (^.^)/
Tags: collection, oshawott
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