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New Year Eeveelution Auctions!

Auctions have ended! If you're interested in buying something that didn't sell, feel free to contact me!

Hiya, Roll's here once again with more Eeveelution collection weeding! C: I've got some rare stuff for sale, too, like Zukan, Umbreon V-trainer prototype, Leafeon Chupa figure... Check it out under the cut!

Read this first:

- My feedback can be seen here. I've acquired sales permission in 2008.
- I ship from Finland. Shipping for one figure is going to be $3-4.
- I only accept Paypal instant payments, and payments should be made within 24 hours from the auction's end.
- Please reply to the bidding threads I've made, and if there's already someone bidding, reply to their comment so they will know they've been outbid.
- The auctions will end on January 2nd, 4PM GMT.
- If you bid within the last ten minutes, the auction will be extended by 10 minutes. This will be done as many times as necessary.
- Some items have Buy It Now prices. They will expire when a starting bid is placed, though!
- I forget stuff. Ask me if there's anything you want to know! :>

And now, the good stuff:

Zukan pieces! They will be auctioned off as sets, except for the original set. They will be auctioned off individually.
- Original Eevee (needs blu-tack or something similar to stand) + base: starts at $8
- Jolteon: starts at $35, BIN $65
- Flareon: starts at $40, BIN $70
- Eevee/Espeon/Umbreon set: starts at $35, BIN $55
- Eevee/Leafeon/Glaceon set: starts at $10, BIN $25

Battle Museum figures (Eevee and Flareon) and special European Chou Gets! There's also a mint silver Umbreon I forgot to photograph!
- Everything starts at $8

Pokemon Time straps!
- Eevee starts at $10
- Espeon and Umbreon start at $15 each

Umbreon V-trainer Prototype, Eevee Kid, Leafeon Chupa!
- Umbreon starts at $60, BIN $100
- Eevee starts at $6
- Leafeon starts at $70, BIN $130

Happy bidding!
Tags: auction, eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, sales, umbreon, zukan
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