Chari (chariflame) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Sales

Hey everyone, just some quick, cheap sales, everything must go and all that. Plush! Figures! A hat!

Terms and Conditions

★ All items are shipped from the UK, and are in good to mint condition unless otherwise stated.
★ Only trading right now for Ho-Oh, Ducklett or Swanna items I don't own. No customs.
★ I accept holds; but only as long as you let me know how long for.
★ Feel free to haggle (reasonably) on items!
★ Unless you request insurance, I cannot hold responsibility for items lost or damaged in the post.
★ As usual I feel as though I'm missing something here; if you have any questions, please let me know.
You can leave me feedback here!

Banpresto Serperior Plush MWT - $25
Bulbasaur Ball Plush - $4
Banpresto Keychain Tepig Plush [no tags, slightly used] - $5
PokéCen Snivy [MWT, JP release] - $18
Hasbro Plusle & Minun Plush [Slightly used, will not seperate. Great Valentine's Day gift!] - $15 for both

Tepig and Reshiram BW Attack Kids [with boxes] - $4.50 each
Yamask Tomy [spinning base included upon request] - $5
Hariyama Line Zukan - $4

Custom Meowth Hat - Make offers, not looking for much.
Tags: bulbasaur, minun, plush, plusle, reshiram, sales, serperior, snivy, tepig, yamask, zukan
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