chaos_21 (chaos_21) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sell me your zukans:3

Hi! I have become obsessed with collecting zukan figures and even though I probably won't be able to catch'em all, my goal is to complete the original 150 set. Onix/Steelix were never made into zukans for some reason *I know they are bigger than 1/40 scale but they should have made them into lottery figures or something* I'm also collecting from other generations as well but my main focus is the 1st generation ^^ The list below are the one's I'm currently seeking:

Charizard line *will sell my soul to have this! Holy Grail!*
Venusaur line
Flygon line
Pidgeot line
Arbok line
Wailord *yeah this one's unlikely but willing to dish a few hundred for sure :3, Hardrock is too expensive ;___;*
NidoKing line
Arcanine line
Marill line
Lugia *won the Ho-oh would love to find his counterpart*
Altaria line
Groudon *have Kyogre need this guy*
Giratina *Sky form only*
Buizel/Floatzel line

There are many more I'm looking for but these are on my high priority list :) Also all zukan must be the Japanese versions. I don't collect the European line.

Thanks guys and hope to hear from you soon! :3

Also looking for the 1:1 Eevee plush with tags :3 I know there were two on here that sold in the same day just recently. I'm hoping I get lucky too and someone is looking to sell there's as well :3

Cheers and Happy New Years Everyone!!

Tags: eevee, plush, wanted, zukan
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