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Farmer's Market Finds!

So we have a local farmer's market that's only open Fridays and they have this one store that has some old Pokémon stationary stuff, like the old pencils with the erasers and some old stickers.

Today we finally bought something there!

Old Pokémon RoseArt Markers~ n__n how cute~~~

Pikachu Yellow, Eevee Brown, Charmander Orange, Jigglypuff Pink, Meowth Red, Bulbasaur Green, Gengar Purple, and Squirtle Blue!

Super cool, I thought they didn't have them anymore but we ended up finding them hidden behind some other things.

We also found a bunch of old posters! Still in their sleeves! (please excuse my crappy webcam pictures!)

There were six different posters in the set but they only had five ; n;

Also, we found this at another stand!

It was $2 and probably a bit of a rip-off but I couldn't resist the thrill of opening a blind package from back in the day.

Here's who we got!


Buuuut, that's it! Maybe next time we'll get some of the pencils and stickers :3

Thanks for looking!

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