DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Anyone heard from Glacidea?

Hey guys I'm trying to get a hold of Glacidea as I purchased an Eevee Clearfile folder and two tomys from her on December 18th from her sales post here. I asked her back on December 23rd on if items were shipped and such and still have no response so I PM'd her today as well with again no response. As almost 2 weeks have gone by without any responses I'm getting a little bit nervous :/ On a much more cheerful note, I got my tomys from Jame's GA :) My doggie cards from pikachux ( I hope I got your username right) and thank you for the extra surprises! :D and on the tomy GA, I got a suicune that was supposed to be extra so I could custom paint her shiny...and she ended up being metallic! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? :D Oh and my holy holy grail Jolteon canvas came on December 24th, best Christmas present ever! Except the crazy awesome pikachu hat my boyfriend got for me. Pictures to come in due time :) Thanks everyone! oh and ktmonkeyj, for some reason the Christmas card I sent you got sent back to me in pieces! >:C Soo I'm gonna send you a digital one :) Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!
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