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Gets, Question, Find and updated sales

Well since Christmas I have gotten quite a few things so here they are and my question

I got this card in a pack I got for Christmas and was wondering how much is this N pokemon card and is there any interest in it because I plan on selling it SOLD 

Pokemon comforters/Sleeping bags I got for Christmas and was wondering how much these were worth

my find I misplaced it years ago and just rediscovered it and was wondering how rare/valuable is it?

my favorite get off all is my Bisharp pokedoll I got for Christmas

2 mini binders

2 cardboard pokemon targets

Clear Riolu kid

Best friends Jacks Minncheno and Drillbur


more figures

Blaziken figure I got for 0.50$  I also got 4 pounds off pokemon cards for 1$ at that thrift shop that day

Ds pens

extremely soft pikachu backpack


3  5 year old pokemon marshmellow lollipops ?? for Christmas ?????

2 oshuwots


water wigglers galore  anyone interested in buying some of my extras? I only have 1 marill for sale and 2 Kyogers but can pick up more at a local store if necessary  

and a pansage plush stole the photo because my camera died before I could get the last photo

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