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New stuffs and reorganizing

Yay new stuff! Click the cut to see what I got in the past few weeks.

Assorted PC goodies. DX Pikadoll's arm is quite... interesting.
Giratina came from ebay. I got it on impulse because I wanted a MWT version. When I put the Japanese one next to this one I noticed very small color differences in the fabric (weird).

Tohokou goodies from Gin and a few items from larvitarscar. I impulsively bought two Tohokou Victinis.

The Audley figures came from ebay. I was supposed to get a Charmeleon aswell but the seller shipped it to the wrong person.o___o

Last but not least, a painting I made. It's less yellow in real life.
I had an thought in my head of how Pokemon in the wild would react to human-made items like a Potion or Pokeball. I liked making it; my mom thought it was a waste of canvasboard.

I decided to rearrange my figure shelf so I could fit more of my favorite items on it. I asked Victini if he'd like to help, but this was his reply...


Starting with this mess. Most of the stuff is obscured or hiding.:(

Clean! With free lighting effect! 
It's a very small space to work with.:(

I got three lotto figures to fit on it though! I bumped Giratina's wings on the wall by accident and removed paint from the tips. Oops!

Go go... low packing ability! It's hard to fit stuff around Reshiram's wings and tail.

I like putting stuff on the Reshi lotto figure's base. Sadly they'll be obscured by figures I put in front of the lotto figure.

And my shelves now! Anime corner popped in to say hi, and is lead by the most evil of all evil, Eevee! 
I have way more figures that for one reason or another (limited space, gravity, bad joints) I had to put into storage. One of these days I will find a mini shelving unit to put everything on!

Tags: blitzle, charmander, collection, giratina, mudkip, pikachu, victini
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