Blackjack Gabbiani (blackjackrocket) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Blackjack Gabbiani

It's that time again...

Things We Want To Buy But Don't Exist Yet, Round 2!

*Movie baddie zukans! Why should Ash get all the fun?
-Giovanni with Mewtwo (and yes I know Giovanni was in the movie for all of three minutes, but still)
-Jirarudan with Lugia
-Molly with Entei
-Vicious with Celebi
-Annie and Oakley with...well, they'd have to pick either Latias or Latios since otherwise that'd be an ENORMOUS zukan...(or they could have two, one for each sister and each dragon)
-Butler with Jirachi (or Meta Groudon maybe)
-Phantom with Manaphy
-Zero with Giratina
I WOULD BUY THEM ALL AND YOU WOULD TOO. (but it begs the question of would Celebi or Manaphy be smaller compared to their pursuers, since IMM and Phantom are both the size of foothills)

*Tyranitar zukan set! I can't believe an insanely popular poké like Ttar doesn't have one yet!

*Movie 2 manga adaptation! The only ones I can find are "ani-manga" made with screenshots, but it needs a *real* manga (preferably by Toshihiro Ono because a he made the movie 1 adaptation AWESOME and b imagine how insanely hot Jirarudan would be and c the Hikoukyuu would be more epic than it was in the film itself)
Edit--Hmm...apparently one EXISTS...but it's not by Ono, it's by whoever did the 3 and 4 adaptations. Any further information would be awesome.

*Pokémon d20 game! Admit it, you'd want a tabletop RPG more than an online game. It would be freakin' sweet.

*Lickitung fig with extendable tongue. Like you squeeze it and the tongue whips out.

*ANYTHING with the Elite Four/Champions. Even the much-overrated Lance doesn't have any merch outside of a handful of VS cards.

*Stuff to do with Aqua/Magma/Galactic that isn't limited to the card game. Rocket is awesome and win, but there's other Teams out there!

*A conclusion to Golden Boys. It ran to three volumes and stopped in the middle of a plot, and that's freakin' stupid.

So enough from me! What about the rest of you?
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